Building Permits

Visit our office and staff will directly enter the project information into our internal database. You will need the property owner contact information, contractor information and project details.The first step is to fill out a building permit submittal form.

Interior Remodeling
For an interior remodeling project, the applicant must submit 3 copies of complete floor plans with details indicating the proposed changes. Be sure to indicate clearly what is new work and what exists, what is to remain and what is to be removed.

Additions & New Construction
For additions or new construction, the applicant must submit 2 sets Title 24 State Energy calculations along with a CF-1R form. CF-1R form with signature shall appear on plans.

Flood Zones
Before preparing your plans, be sure to check with the Community Development Department to see if you are in a flood zone. This requirement applies to all applications for exterior modifications.

Time Constraints

Construction work must start within 180 days of the issuance of the permit. If work has not been started and no inspections have been called for in this period, the permit will be declared null and void. The permit may be renewed for 1 -half the original permit fee if no change in the plans are made, but the renewal process may only be used up to 1 year after issuance. Beyond that time a new application and full fee will be required.

Permit Extensions
The Building Official may extend an unexpired permit once for a period not exceeding 180 days on written request by the permittee showing reason(s) for not commencing the construction.