Vacancies & Applications

Now more than ever, community volunteers can make a difference in how the City of Arcata will look and work in the future. The Arcata City Council utilizes committee members to advise them on topics ranging from economic development, trails, and road maintenance, to transportation, sustainable agriculture and police services.

Current Committee Vacancies

  1. There is one open vacancy on the Parks and Recreation Committee. The current vacancy is for a resident, however all applications received will be held for future openings.  For more information about this vacancy, click here. To apply to serve on this committee, please click here.  

General Application
If you would like to apply to serve on a commission that does not currently have vacancies, please fill out this application form and mail or deliver it to:

Attn: Commissions and Committees
Arcata City Manager's Office
736 F Street
Arcata, CA 95521

You will be notified when a vacancy arises. Thank you for your interest in serving your community.


The City Council interviews all qualified applicants. A majority vote of the Council is needed for appointment.


Unless otherwise expressly provided under specified sections for each commission and committee in Arcata Municipal Code Title II, Chapter 3, all boards, commissions and committees shall be comprised of 7 members. No less than 5 members shall be residents of the City of Arcata and the remaining 2 must live or work in the Arcata Planning Area.

Historic Landmarks Committee


Historic Landmarks Committee