Prevention, Donation & Reuse

Preventing waste, or source reduction, is the first step in zero waste. Recycling and composting manage waste after it is generated, but waste prevention reduces the amount of materials generated in the first place. Waste prevention means taking advantage of reduction, reuse, and donation opportunities to get the most environmental and economic benefit possible.

  1.   For Residents  
  2. For Businesses
Donate the following items and keep valuable materials out of the landfill:
  • Appliances
  • Bikes
  • Books
  • Clothes
  • Food
  • Furniture
  • Music/Movies
  • School, Office & Art Supplies
  • Sports Equipment
  • Toiletries

Keep food out of the landfill!

Composting Cartoon

Useful information for proper disposal of unwanted items, solid waste and recyclables:

Don't Dump & Run! Graphic
Donation Facilities
Please call before donating to confirm items accepted and hours!

Angels of Hope (Furniture pickup offered)
Arcata Presbyterian Church
Clothing Dock
Companion Animal Foundation
Discovery Shop (Furniture pickup offered)
Eco-Groovy Abundance Donation Station
Hospice Shop (Furniture pickup offered)
Humboldt Furniture
Reusable Office Supply Exchange
Rescue Mission (Furniture pickup offered)
SCRAP Humboldt

Clothes Only
Please wash clothes before donating.
Willow And Rags

Food Only
Food For People

Books Only
Blake's Books
Tin Can Mailman

Movies/Music Only
The Works